Space and beyond

Science fiction is not just stories in space, but an exploration of what is possible.
You can find my sci-fi short stories below, along with some extra information.
More to follow...

Latest Short Stories

The Gift

I had a little time to reflect, while my sister wheeled me through the rapidly narrowing hospital corridors on the squeaky wheelchair we borrowed from my father's room. Narrowing? Yup, the corridor was definitely getting narrower... and hazier. I bit down on the inside of my cheek, fighting to stay...

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And Then The Darkness Consumed Me

Another day on the moon, another wasted work cycle. Lunar 1 was the first spaceport we built on the bright side of the moon, and it blossomed into a tightly stacked neon city, like a dusty attic that goes on for miles, with ten million people living in it. Air and water are tightly rationed, and wor...

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The Rascal himself

Who am I?

I'm a guy who likes to dream, write and discuss everything from ethics to the theory of relativity. I'm in love with The Matrix, The Man from Earth and Mulholland Drive, and I'm partial to a glass of good whisky while philosophizing with friends.

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